• Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Proud Real Estate is the real estate development arm of Prayoonwit Group, one of the largest and oldest civil construction companies in Thailand. We are focused on creating destinations and neighborhoods through ‘visionary’ real estate projects with presence across segments in hospitality, entertainment, residential and retail. The company is wholly owned by the Liptapanlop Family.

Vision of Proud Real Estate

Daring visions for uniquely inspiring projects…

We aspire to develop real estate projects that are disruptively unique, yet authentic to the surroundings, so that we can simultaneously surpass the norm of ‘living’ and enrich the society at large while commemorating the beauty of the local culture and heritage.

With such a strong philosophy embedded in all the things that we do, we Proud Real Estate foresee a bright future moving forward together with our stakeholders and partners, creating iconic projects that push the boundary of living and growing our portfolio.


Our mission is to ‘transcend the expected’…

With a strong determination to challenge the extent of people’s imagination and the boundary of ‘living’, all of Proud Real Estate’s projects aim to establish new standards of how people live and exceed the industry’s benchmarks. Our projects must not only deliver what is required in terms of quality, but beyond. Limit-pushing concepts, flawless delivery, harmony with nature and the betterment of society are what we strive for.Believing also that we will only be as strong as the community that we are in,one of Proud Real Estate’s mandates is to benefit the local community through economic development- directly and indirectly through job opportunities, skill transfers, environmental responsibilities and collaborative opportunities for all.