Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Responsibility’ is deep-rooted in the philosophy and foundation of Proud Real Estate. A strong dedication and passion to continually benefit society and elevate lifestyles is reflected in the diverse initiatives, activities and events the company has done, or has contributed to.

Developing unique leisure and hospitality projects, bringing environmental awareness, additional green space, recycling initiatives, opportunities for collaboration with the community, and transcending the imaginations of visitors will ultimately contribute to the prosperity of the local community.

International Promotion of HuaHin

To add to the rich culture of HuaHin, Proud Real Estate is fully committed to creating inspiring development projects and promotional opportunities that will help establish HuaHin as a world class resort destination.


  • Main sponsor and coordinator in helping the local municipality promote HuaHin at ITB Berlin (ITB is the world’s leading international travel trade show)

International Events in HuaHin

Proud Real Estate has brought top international sporting events and celebrities to the city of HuaHin adding vibrancy to the local scene and garnering international press coverage.





Local Community Events in HuaHin

Benefiting the local community through job opportunities, skill transfers and environmental awareness is only a small part of the overall company vision of corporate social responsibility. Proud Real Estate’sprograms and events also encompass education, healthcare, culture, the arts, and the general well-being of the community.

  • Culture/Local Arts:
    • Art auctions in association with the local Artist Village in order to raise funds to improve local landscape/architecture
    • “The Orchestra Of Thai Silk”Fashion show to promote local fashion talents and Thai Silk
    • HuaHin Jazz Festival Sponsor 2011
  • Environmental Responsibilities:
    • Planting of trees in HuaHin
  • Education:
    • Contributions to the Phetchaburi Vocational College
  • Healthcare:
    • Blood donation clinic support in HuaHin
  • Local community spirits:
    • Complimentary use of space at Centennial Park for local municipality/police force
    • Main sponsor of HuaHin FC, the Town’s football team